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Quick ROI with minimum hardware investment

Network Setup

Quick ROI with minimum hardware investment

This solution is best suited when you do not want to invest on LAN network. Sometimes having LAN connectivity to all nooks and corners of a large restaurant is not feasible. A complete wifi based solution with ChefDesk app running on smart phone/tablets make it possible for restaurants to take orders, print KOTs and settle bills.

Wifi Access points

The access points allow you to expand your services to all parts of the restaurants.

GPRS based Solution

Where there is no wifi, a GPRS(SIM based) solutions can be used.

Realtime Cloud sync

The data is synchronized in realtime across all the smartphones/tablets/POS terminals


Kitchen is equipped with KOT app that avoids the need for kitchen printer. However, if needed cloud printers can be installed in kitchen.

Minimum Investment

The investment on LAN network, Server and associated maintenance costs is very minimal.

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