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Food Courts are the new mantra


Quick Touch terminals & Dual Screen display

- Billing, KOT, CRM

Self service Kiosks

- Quick billing, Order fulfillment, Integrated digital signage for order tracking

EDC (POS) terminal integration

- Integrated payment terminals for Card, Sudexo, UPI, Paytm

Menu Management

- Combo customization, Modifier menu prompt, Quick side/drink selection, flexible pricing

Pre paid cards

- Rechargeable pre-piad cards that can be used both at centralised billing counters are at retail stores.

Customer Management (CRM)

- Record of customer, customer history, Voucher and promotions.

Food Courts are the new mantra

It's only a half-a-challenge solved when you bring all the best restaurants in town under one roof of your food court. It takes right technology and tools to solve the remaining piece of puzzle.

Unify menu from outlets

It's challenging for billing staff to understand various styles of menu when dealing with restaurants who offer a variety ranging from traditional to QSR style. A unified menu management from ChefDesk helps your staff effectively deal with all of them.

Improve transperancy with restaurant owners

ChefDesk analytics app streams sales to restaurant owner and keep them upto date with the progress and let them keep an eye on their store in the food court.

Instant KOT to kitchen

ChefDesk sends a copy of KOT to corresponding restaurant in the kitchen instantly. One customer order from Food Court billing system, can be split into multiple KOTs depending on the customer choice from the unified menu.

Introduce Pre-paid cards

ChefDesk allows Food court managers to print pre-paid cards and also assist them in recharging them as needed. Pre-paid cards improve sales and also retain loyal customers.

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