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Quick and effective solution to computerise your restaurant operations

Single Terminal POS

Quick and effective solution to computerise your restaurant operations

Single system POS ideally suited for small restaurants and kiosks. Investment on hardware is low and simple to install. The device is connected to the cloud for data management and reporting. ChefDesk offers a handy smart phone app that not only capture orders but also handle cash and card payments using popular mpos devices such as Ezetap, Mosambee, PaySwiff/Paynear Listed below are some of the options that makes it easy for restaurant owner to choose based on budget and available hardware resources.

All-in-one Android POS Machines/ Terminals

Chefdesk smart app runs on Android devices that are custom built with touch screen, thermal printer and card reader.

Smart phone + Thermal printer

Chefdesk App can be installed on Android smart phone or Tablet. The device can be connected to a thermal printer using USB or LAN.

Touch POS

The Chefdesk Windows application can be installed on all leading Touch POS terminals such as Essae, Posiflex. The Till can be connected to dual monitors, Pole display units, Cash drawers and Thermal printers. ChefDesk also supports EDC machines (Card payment terminals) for an integrated payment solution. The solution is so adaptive that it even works on Laptops and Desktops if you want to try out a trial version.

Handheld terminals

These are simple handy devices that are fitted with thermal printers and allow you to use Chefdesk. These machines equipped with GPRS sim cards allows Chefdesk to sync the data to cloud. This is an ideal solution for small size kiosks where the there is limited real estate for installing heavy weight computer hardware.

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