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ENHANCE guest experience with FINE DINE POS software


User friendly Front office system

- Billing, KOT, Touch enabled, Smart phone/ Tablet integration, CRM,

Recipe managment & Food costing

- Detailed ingredient level recipes & sub-recipes, Production management, Food costing based on recipes & wastages

Inventory Management

- Supplier master, PO & Purchase Invoices, Good Receipts (GRN) , Issues, Stock Transfers, Wastage record, Multi-UOM support

Menu Management

- Centrally managed menu , multi pricing, menu modifiers, flexible combo meal design

Customer Management (CRM)

- Record of customer, customer history, Voucher and promotions

ENHANCE guest experience with FINE DINE POS software

Take more orders faster

ChefDesk software helps connect back of house with front of house through kitchen display systems. This helps speed up operation.

Improve table turn around time

ChefDesk App helps take orders at the table, send orders to the kitchen directly all without leaving the floor. The order status can be also be checked

Dining Area configuration

ChefDesk allows you to configure dining floors and large dining areas into manageable workspaces and allocate tables to each of this area for quick lookup. Tables can be merged, split on need basis to cater to large group of guests.

Upsell prompts

ChefDesk helps staff move more profitable items through automatic modifier prompts. Thus the average check size increases.

Customer Retention

ChefDesk POS facilitates rewarding loyal customers by sending coupon codes through SMS/Email. This helps retain more customers over the time

Food Costing

Robust recipe management clubbed with inventory management allows all the food ingredients quantity mapped to recipes and report accurate food cost analysis

Compatible POS software

ChefDesk POS software is hardware independent and is compatible with almost all systems available in the market. This ensures smooth operations and flexibility for you to choose the hardware of your choice.

Real time sales statistics

ChefDesk ePOS analytics app helps owners to track everything going on at their establishment.

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