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Reward Concession sales staff with a quick billing solution


Quick Billing

- Sales, single point KOT, Payment terminal integration

Stock Maintenance

- Counter wise stock maintance

Ticket sales

- Food & Ticket sales from a single counter

Cash Management

- Shift wise cash/card sales tracking for security

Vouchers & Promotions

- Redeem vouchers and promtions

Reward Concession sales staff with a quick billing solution

Food counters in cinemas and theme parks happen to deal with spurt of crowd and demand sales in a very short period of time. A quick and efficient billing system improve sales and keep your customers happy. After all they do not want to miss their favourite film or a game languishing at the billing counter for food.

In a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR), reduced service time and order accuracy will have marked improvement in sales. Your restaurant, be it an independent self-managed outlet or a franchise network, investing in right technology is key to promote speed and accuracy. Dual Monitor Touch screen POS , Kitchen Video Systems (KVD), Integrated EDC machines are must-have tools to be a differentiator in this business.

Improve transperancy with your customers

ChefDesk dual screen display system allows the 'order entry screen' to be mirrored on the both sides of the POS terminal simultaneously. Customer in the queue can watch the entries made by cashier. In case of incorrect order entry, customer can catch the errors early thereby generating accurate KOT and Bill/Invoice. Needless to say, order accuracy increases speed of service.

Mitigate risk against tight margins

Effective food cost control is essential for improving profit margins. Keeping tabs on recipe, sub-recipes, purchases and wastages will put you in the driver's seat and let you price the products effectively. ChefDesk provides accurate inventory reports that help track ingredient’s shelf life, reduce wastage and hence, increase overall profit margins

Upselling & Keeping track of staff performance

Upselling boost revenue and the staff handling the customers are key to tap into this arena. ChefDesk provides unique login for each staff to help analyse their performance. This way the owner can motivate the staff to upsell and get incentivized

Attract customers with unique combo offers that benifits them

ChefDesk helps design 'Combo' offers with various combinations in the menu. Find out what customers are craving for and help them to make a choice with fixed set menu. It saves time for them in selection at the same time improving efficiency of your staff.

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