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Affordable billing and inventory solution built for Bakeries and Sweet shops


Sales management

- Billing, Barcode printing, Order tracking, CRM

Weighing scale integration

- Digital weighing scales with barcode printers

Online deliveries

- Single point sales interface for Swiggy, Food Panda, UberEats and Zomato.

Recipe managment & Food costing

- Detailed ingredient level recipes & sub-recipes, Production management, Food costing based on recipes & wastages

Inventory Management

- Supplier master, PO & Purchase Invoices, Good Receipts (GRN) , Issues, Stock Transfers, Wastage record, Multi-UOM support

Customer Management (CRM)

- Record of customer, customer history, Voucher and promotions

Affordable billing and inventory solution built for Bakeries and Sweet shops

Give your sweet customers the perfect baked cakes and sweet delicacies. With ChefDesk you have the ability to track freshness let customers choose by piece or weight. ChefDesk helps track every product down to the ingredient stock level in real time.

Manage stock by freshness

ChefDesk helps identify the perishable items in the stock and ensure they are sold within the expiration date. This reduces wastage as well.

Maintain speed and accuracy in billing

ChefDesk helps simplify loose quantity sales by integrating POS software with weighting scale software for accurate measurements. A barcode sticker can be dynamically generated and can be fed into POS terminal to speed up the process at billing counters.

Keep an eye on delivery deadlines.

Last thing you want to do is miss the delivery for your customer birthday or any other important occasion. Chefdesk lets you to accept Advance Orders from your customers. Set reminders and alerts for the delivery date and time. So, you don’t miss out on any orders. Chefdesk software handle the reminders for all your customer events. Payments can also be tracked that are paid in advance and balance dues at the time of order delivery.

Repeat orders

ChefDesk maintains record of customer’s contact details with their special occasion dates. Sending greeting to customers will help get repeat orders.

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